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Tina Peters
Administrative Manager and Legal Assistant

Tina's headshot.jpg

Tina Peters has an extensive and varied legal background including Personal Injury, Business litigation, Estate Planning and Probate, Real Estate, Insurance defense and Medical Malpractice.  She has many years of experience primarily in Personal Injury and Business.   She is well versed in administrative tasks, case management and working as a team member in seeking justice for Plaintiffs and Defendants.  

Her primary responsibilities with JGAA include assistance with administrative tasks, accounts payable/receivable, court filings, document preparation, and litigation support.

Outside of the office, Tina's favorite activity is hiking in beautiful parks and enjoying the great outdoors.  She loves staying active with her granddaughter, Maev, and taking her on fun adventures.  She enjoys traveling with her family and going on family outings with her husband, John, and teenage daughter, Angelina.  She also has a passion for animals and loves taking her son Michael's two Siberian huskies hiking.  Her other interests are physical fitness and spirituality.   

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