Phase 4 - Construction Law

​Whether representing owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, materialmen or design professionals, our services to those in the area of construction span major commercial developments through and inclusive of single family homes. It is our experience that, to some extent, the term "construction law" is a misnomer in that so oftentimes the problems associated with construction matters are in effect subject to a disregard of the legal obligations involved.

Construction-oriented Services

Examples of the work we perform in construction law-related areas include preparation of construction contracts for developers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and others. The level of sophistication in the area of construction law has risen to a much higher level during the recent years, thus requiring particularly expansive and detailed documentation in respect to construction contracts.

It is our particular experience that, when involved in construction matters, the interests of the multiple parties involved are oftentimes extremely conflicting. What may be drawn up by the design professionals as their plans and specifications may be inconsistent with interpretation by the general contractor and, for that matter, other subcontractors and materialmen. Also, owners have their fair share of difficulty in precisely understanding the division of responsibilities involved in significant construction contracts.

​Services Provided to Owners and Developers

We have learned over the course of time that construction matters require a significant level of team work and compatibility among those participating in the project. As a result, we have also learned that the ultimate selection of the contractor, subcontractors and design professional is crucial.

We are pleased to represent and work with a large number of extremely competent contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and design professionals, particularly engineers and architects. Feel free to call upon us for references as to those we believe would best suit your particular needs.

Construction Arbitration

The utilization of arbitration as a means of dispute resolution has become highly preferable to litigation in view of the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of the arbitration process. Joe Jerome of our firm is a well-regarded arbitrator and mediator in the construction and commercial arbitration field and can provide you with further information as you request.

Consider incorporation of arbitration language in your construction contracts. As a courtesy to you, we would be happy to provide you with sample language to be used in your construction contracts. Warranty Issues: The vast majority of our work for those who own custom-built commercial and residential property is in the area of post-closing, warranty disputes. Carefully consider the warranty language to which you bind yourself and appropriately document the failure to complete work and provide materials in a workmanlike fashion so as to support your position adequately.