Phase 6:Trial/Arbitration

It has been our experience that your participation in fine-tuning (with us) the strategy and testimony necessary for a successful trial or hearing is greatly minimized by your "partnership with us" in accomplishing all that proceeds this (normally) last phase of our representation. By this point in time, there should be nothing that we do not anticipate, i.e. there should be no surprises. Each Court has its own orders which it issues in regards to what documents must be filed prior to trial such as trial briefs, witness lists, exhibit lists and the like. It is our position to be so well-prepared and strategically sound that our final conferences, document reviews and the like are essentially completed weeks (rather than days) in advance of trial.

This is not to say that there may not be occasions where we are not required to work late into the evening to become as comfortable as we can be with presenting our case. However, planning in advance for witnesses and their order of appearance; final strategy sessions; making you familiar and comfortable with your testimony; and, in essence, rehearsing for our joint presentation before a judge, jury, magistrate or arbitrator will normally lead to a more expeditious, professional and successful trial. Fumbling, mumbling and general confusion on the part of the opposition (when compared to a professional and organized presentation of our case) can make all the difference, especially if the battle is up-hill.