Phase 2: Strategic Planning

Oftentimes, we will meet with you shortly after completing our review of the documents you have provided. The possibility exists that we might also ask you to supplement your responses as appropriate.

Regrettably, all too many suits are filed by parties who have minimal (if any) supportable law or facts. Therefore, our meeting and communications with you subsequent to document review will allow us to commence the "strategy portion" of your case, i.e. whether by way of motion or other action we may be able to obtain the affirmative relief to which you are entitled or, alternatively, look to dismissal of all or certain of those causes of action which the adverse party may assert against you.

This second phase of our representation is absolutely critical and is the time to crystalize our thoughts; develop moreso our "partnership approach" to handling your litigation; and, in turn, utilize our respective abilities, knowledge and experiences in handling your case.

Also, during this second phase we will be able to outline a preliminary but dedicated strategic approach as it relates to discovery and other matters which will allow us to remain steps ahead of the opposition.

As an aside, oftentimes we also discuss alternative dispute resolution alternatives such as mediation, early neutral evaluation or possibly arbitration. Each of these approaches allow for an expeditious and less expensive non-jury/non-court form of resolution. These alternatives, however, may not always be the best approach depending upon the individual case.