Employment Law Issues Update


​We have now prepared a second confidential Memorandum directed to our business clients in respect to the Fair Labor Standards Act, particularly focusing on the area of overtime obligations, both Federal as well as a State level. Whereas the FLSA is addressed overall, we have particularly emphasized the obligation to pay overtime wages and distinguish between those employees who are exempt from overtime versus those who must be paid time and one-half for services in excess of forty hours per week, notwithstanding their job title.

We believe this is a critical Memorandum which our clients should review carefully. In that this extensive Memorandum (like our publication in respect to Employment Agreements) contains confidential comments and counseling to the benefit of our clients and, therefore, is subject to the attorney-client privilege of not being disclosed to third parties, our Firm's Memorandum has not been reprinted on our web site.

Should your organization require counseling on the subject of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Employment Agreements, Policy Manuals or other areas associated with Employment Law, please feel free to contact our office. Further, feel free to review our web site and our comments as to our practice in the area of Employment Law which includes more basic information of the services we provide to our client.