Phase 9 - Litigation & Pre-Litigation Services

The extent of sophisticated litigation in our office has expanded significantly over the past few years such that our office is involved in dozens of litigation and arbitration matters before Federal, State and Municipal Courts as well as various administrative agencies. The significance of preparation cannot be minimized nor can the fact that, only through our clients' best efforts and cooperation, can we serve their interests and bring a speedy end to litigation matters, whether we are representing them as plaintiffs, defendants, or third parties in matters.

Of course, the best lawsuit is one that is never filed through the use of "preventative measures" such as preparation of contractual documents addressing all possible issues which can come into dispute. As well, an initial strong and aggressive settlement (or non-settlement) posture tuned to the legal issues and applicable and individual facts of each case, are further the appropriate methods to approach matters pre-litigation. However, if you find yourself and your company subject to the potentiality of litigation, we suggest you review our "Litigation Checklist and Preparation Guide," which shall prove to be valuable in respect to proper representation throughout the course of proceedings.