Business Planning & Protection Guide 

As no law firm can be "everything to everybody," the same must be said about our Business Planning & Protection Guide.

While what we present to you in this package we believe shall generally be applicable to many of your business activities and to most of our other clients and those with whom we work, our guide obviously has not been prepared to be client or case-specific. As is the case with any of the legal matters we handle, each matter has its own level of sophistication and particulars. Obviously, the counsel and comments our firm has outlined in this guide may not and likely do not apply in every respect to all facets of your business or personal matters dealings.

You may also anticipate that our firm will be supplementing the information we have provided herewith on a periodic basis through mailings of articles and newsletters. Your comments and suggestions as to what areas or subjects you would like us to address would be most appreciated as we look to serving your needs more fully.
Also feel free to make photocopies of this guide and distribute them to other officers, shareholders, partners, employees and other business associates, friends, or acquaintances. As quantities allow, we would also be pleased to present you additional copies as a courtesy.

We stand prepared to be of any additional assistance as we can and to further expand upon our thoughts and comments contained herein at your request. 

Preliminary Comments

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Commercial Law

Construction Law

Employment Law

Estate Planning & Probate

Intellectual Property

Corporations & Limited Liability Entities

Litigation & Pre-Litigation Services

Real Estate Law

Business Examination

Self Diagnostic Checklist