Phase 5: Court Appearances

​First and lasting impressions of judges, magistrates or arbitrators are extremely critical. At pretrials and other hearings preceding trial, a good litigator is capable of learning more about the opposition; can strongly assert positions favorable to one's client; and obtain an opinion of the Court's impressions of one's case. With the exception of preliminary attorney conferences (generally known as Case Management Conferences which are primarily dedicated to scheduling and initial matters), our clients' participation in pretrials and other appearances before the Court are advantageous from a number of standpoints, including:

Allowing the Court to recognize the party's dedication to the litigation.

Allowing our clients to learn more about the case and to supplement our knowledge and approach.

Participating in settlement negotiations which oftentimes occur pre-commencement of trial. In the event that geographical difficulties or scheduling conflicts make it impossible or difficult to appear at a court appearance, arrangements can be made so as to allow for a waiver of appearance, though we much prefer that non-appearance be a rare exception.