Litigation Checklist 

It is our firm's experience (and a matter of practical necessity) that, as early as possible in respect to litigation matters, we learn as much as we can in regards to the nature of litigation in which you are involved, whether we serve in defense of a matter and/or are asserting a claim on your behalf. Accordingly, to best assist and represent you, we have prepared this Guide which (while admittedly relatively generic in nature) sets forth certain essential elements in respect to most litigation matters. Should we believe there is a necessity to further expand upon our comments, we may include a supplement to this Guide outlining our further thoughts and comments.

Please take the time to utilize the document as a checklist, providing that which we have requested as soon as possible. In turn we will review what you have prepared and determine what, if any, additional information we will require to proceed effectively and efficiently in regards to the litigation or prospective litigation in which you are a party.

Of course, complying with our requests may be rather time-intensive. However, it has been our tried and true experience that the party who prepares best and earliest maximizes the likelihood of success and/or minimizes prospective damages.

Of course, this initial compilation of information and actions on your part will not take the place of our personal interaction by way of phone communications, conferences, etc. Nor do we expect you will be all-inclusive in regards to the preliminary information you provide us, particularly since reviewing information, preparing strategies and presenting a case is a constant evolution of sorts. Accordingly, as more information comes to our attention and/or to yours, it is necessary that we share that information on a timely basis. Nothing is irrelevant or immaterial (until we jointly determine otherwise).

Document Compilation


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Strategic Planning


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Discovery of Pertinent Info


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Motion Practice


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Court Appearance


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