Phase 11 - Business Examination

Many of us take the time to annually see our physicians to undergo a physical examination in order to more fully understand our physical condition and undertake corrective actions. It's fair to say that the same should be accomplished with respect to your business dealings. Many of our clients meet with us on an annualized basis to update corporate or partnership records; receive our counsel as to modifying or supplementing business practices; to revise key business documents as a product of changes in administrative or case law; or (unfortunately) as a product of learning that such integral documents do not necessarily address all issues or contingencies; and, in general, to discuss, plan for and take actions in respect to relevant elements of their business dealings.

We oftentimes use checklists so as to make sure we don't miss the pertinent points and issues which require focus and discussions based on our individual clients' situation. We have provided hereafter a rather generic and simple checklist we hope will provide you with "food for thought" in respect to your business dealings. We might suggest that you take the time to formally meet with your key employees or other equity owners to discuss this checklist and other key elements of your business in order to get a better feel as to what, if any, documents require updating and/or what procedures and administrative procedures of your business might require attention.


​You are welcome to fax us your thoughts and comments so that we might also review your business structure and those issues which you address through use of this checklist or otherwise. Of course, we also welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally, at your office or ours.